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KPI:n avulla haluttua käyttäytymistä?

As normally the target setting for the next year is running and as always we tend to get what we measure and thus ensuring we measure correct things is critical but it is also critical to understand the real specification of the KPI to avoid human behavior to design n a KPI that always gets to Green and delivers always your bonuses. In large organizations where the most important KPIs should go end to end trough main processes this is extremely important to avoid sub-optimization normal democratic bottom-up target setting process delivers a safe KPI with a potentially critical exclusions or alternatively a massive amount of included data where the CRITIC key element just gets buried under the mass of other things which are not important for your customer but guarantee that results go to Green.

We leaders need to take the time and understand what gets really measured and how to make sure that KPIs drive the right behavior within teams.


Hannu Järvelin

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